Updated December 30th, 2002

Animatronics Videos

Mechanics for SPFX Make-up and Mechanical Puppetry #1

by Steve Kalman

How to make mechanical elements including jaw movements, eyebrows, eyelids and eyeblinks. Covers basic tools and materials and where to get them. Walks you step by step through many devices you can make from things purchased at any hardware store. Mr. Kalman demonstrates a talking ape head and talking skull. Mask-making and skin attachments will be covered in future videos. 1993, VHS. $25.00 from Make-Up Artist Magazine

The Michael Burnett Series
The Art of Special Make-up Effects

Volume One: Introduction to Make-up Effects

Use easily obtained materials to create three different spectacular make-up effects: gelatin make-up, cotton and latex make-up and wax build-up make-up. 1989, 30 min. VHS $14.95.
From Michael Burnett Productions / MBP or Make-Up Artist Magazine

Volume Two: Basic Foam Rubber Appliance

Shows you how to create your own prosthetic appliance make-up, from making the life cast to applying the foam piece. 1989, 45 min. VHS $14.95.
From Michael Burnett Productions / MBP or Make-Up Artist Magazine

Volume Three: Cable Controlled Mechanical Mask

Shows the more advanced make-up effects enthusiast how to create a full head cable-controlled mechanical mask. Video covers; design, full-head life cast, sculpture, underskull, mechanics, cable controls, moldmaking, foam rubber finish work and costuming. 1989, 60 min. VHS $14.95.
From Michael Burnett Productions / MBP or Make-Up Artist Magazine

BUY THE WHOLE SET AND SAVE! 3 videos & 3 books: $60.00 from Michael Burnett Productions / MBP or Make-Up Artist Magazine


This tape offers footage from some of Dick Smith’s best known films, some shot in his own private laboratory. Plus interviews with the stars he has transformed. So go behind the scenes and see movie illusions in the making. Running time approx. 25 minutes. $12.95 from Make-Up Artist Magazine

Using GM Foam

Produced by GM Foam with Gil Mosko

Learn the basic chemistry and technique of foam latex. Learn how to use foam successfully to create your own special makeup effects. Foam latex is the same technology used in the film Mrs. Doubtfire. not to be confused with Halloween mask technology. Foam kits are also available from Special Effect Supply. 35 minutes, 1995, VHS. $24.95 from Special Effect Supply or Make-Up Artist Magazine

Moldmaking Techniques using Latex Rubber

Two video set, with Roger Beebe

Comprehensive course in mold-making for serious artists and craftspersons. Advances through eight projects from easy to advanced. Tape One covers; mold for a plaque, glove molds for small figurines, glove mold with a seam for larger pieces, one and two-piece backup mold and two-part urethane plastic backup mold. Tape Two covers; mold with "windows" or holes through the model, complex molds, basket mold, plus fiberglass materials and mold venting. Complete examination of all molds, typical to Roger's approach. 1996, 3 1/2 hours, VHS. $59.95 from Special Effect Supply

Latex Mask-making

$25.00 from Make-Up Artist Magazine

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