Another New Section
January 14th, 2003

New History Section

Learn where the term "Audio-Animatronics" came from along with many other items of interest.

Take a look by clicking here: History

Here We Go

January 10th, 2003

New Technology Section

I've started a new section called "Technology" and I'll bring you as much information as I can possibly squeeze in over time. You will not find any secrets or proprietary information there. What you will find is information about the technology of animatronics, theme park design, show control, and other related elements.

Take a look by clicking here: Technology

It's Here!


Set Your Bookmarks!

The Animatronics Resource Site has a new domain name so please set your bookmarks. Come back to see exciting new content including new pictures, companies, technical information, etc!

Please be patient as I begin to modify and eventually move this site to it's new home.

More News!


Thank You Monica for that
Energetic Introduction

I think this is a wonderful site and I'm very happy to be a member of this awesome community. It is part of my hopes and dreams to help this site grow beyond its original intent. Even though I have limited amounts of time, I want to bring new and exciting information to the Animatronics Resource Site. I appreciate your patience as I set up the new domain. My personal thanks to Monica for letting me have this opportunity.

Just for the record, my last name is spelled Blink. It's unique and hard to forget! I did not properly annunciate my name for Monica. Even as I write this, it's 6:00 AM here. This is what happens when I don't get enough sleep :-)

Check back soon at www.AnimatronicsResource.com



New Webmaster & Domain Name for
The Animatronics Resource Site!

After a 3 year hiatus, this site is finally coming back to life! Our new domain name will be set up shortly: www.animatronicsresource.com and Barry Blanc will be our new webmaster, making sure our lists and links are up to date. Thanks Barry!

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