January 14th, 2003 - Created

When I was about 11 or 12 years old, my family went to Disneyland around 1971. We were waiting for the Enchanted Tiki Room to open when I noticed a maintenance man unlocking a door off to one side which led to the basement.

Me being me of course, I immediately ran up and asked if I could take a peek inside. He let me in and I got the grand tour. Of course this is where all of the equipment was located that ran the show. It was all I could talk about for a week after the experience. People were sick of hearing it.

I had the pleasure to speak with Paul F. Anderson who runs the Persistence of Vision web site. He wrote these two articles entitled Animatronics 101 and Animatronics 102 which talk about the Enchanted Tiki Room, the origins of the term "Audio-Animatronics", and the 1964 world's fair along with other interesting things.

It's one of my favorite pieces of information about Disneyland that I've found on the Internet.


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