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Early Script

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(Scanned in by Cruiser One on Dec 27, 1996.)

SARAH, HOGGLE and LUDO come out of the hedge maze and see a wall with
two SARAH-sized doors in it.

HOGGLE: This is it, the entrance ta the Forbidden Forest. All we
gotta do is pick a door ...

SARAH: What difference does it make? Let's just go!

LUDO quickly steps between SARAH and the doors.

LUDO: One door ... good. One door ... bad.

HOGGLE: Well, that's great news. (to Ludo) Don't suppose ya know
which is which?

SARAH skirts around LUDO and goes up to the doors for a closer look
at them.

LUDO: One door ... good. One door ...

HOGGLE: All right, ya walkin' mountain! Ya made ya point.


SARAH ignores the bickering behind her and examines the doors. Each
one has a door knocker on it. Both knockers are carved into faces,
except one has the ring going through its ears and the other has it
stuck in its mouth.

SARAH (to herself): I guess once you choose a door ... all you have
to do is knock.

The KNOCKER with the ring through its ears speaks.

KNOCKER 1: Are you addressing me?

SARAH jumps back, stunned.

SARAH: You can talk!

KNOCKER 1: What? What? You'll have to speak up!!

KNOCKER 2: mmffn ... grnth ... sminvl ...


SARAH: You too!

KNOCKER 2: ... gmft ... bmble ...

SARAH shakes her head in amazement.


The BOYS are still at it.

HOGGLE: If yer so smart why not show us another way inta the forest?

LUDO: Ludo ... not ... know.

HOGGLE: That figures, don't it? (he turns his back on Ludo, fuming)
Why the Missy wants an overgrown hill o' hair fer a friend is beyond

LUDO tries to make HOGGLE feel better and pats him on the shoulder.
HOGGLE shakes his hand off with a growl.


SARAH is excited.

SARAH: I love it! Talking doors!! (to Knocker 1) Are you the right
door to the forest?

KNOCKER 1: It doesn't do to ask me. For some reason I can't hear a

SARAH turns to KNOCKER 1.

KNOCKER 1: No use asking him, either. All he does is mumble.

KNOCKER 2 gets very excited.

KNOCKER 2: thgt ... vrnf ... lcl ...

SARAH: I get it! You can't talk with that ring in your mouth!

She removes the ring and looks at the FACE triumphantly.

SARAH: Now, tell me which one of you is the right door to the forest.

KNOCKER 2: Oh, I am. No question about it.

SARAH: Great! How do we get you to open up?

KNOCKER 2: One merely has to knock.

SARAH: Of course, why didn't I think of that.

She tries to get the ring back in its mouth.

KNOCKER 2: Oh no you don't, young lady! I've had just about enough of
that awful thing, thank you very much!

SARAH: But how are we supposed to get through this door if you won't
let me knock on it?

KNOCKER 2: Well, I really couldn't say now, could I?

SARAH throws up her hands in disgust.

KNOCKER 1: Oh do speak up, both of you? I can't hear a thing!


HOGGLE and LUDO are still at it.

HOGGLE (conspiratorially): Ya know ... even if she does get the door
open, ya won't be able ta fit through. Why not make it easy on us all
and take a hike?

LUDO: Ludo ... Stay!

HOGGLE is disgusted.

HOGGLE: Yer quite the speechifier, ain't ya?


SARAH suddenly gives KNOCKER 2 an evil grin.

SARAH: Are you sure there isn't anything I can do to change your mind?

KNOCKER 2: Absolutely not! My lips are sealed!

SARAH: That's what I thought!

The KNOCKER presses its lips firmly together. SARAH deftly squeezes
its nose shut. It sputters for air and finally has to open its mouth
before it suffocates. SARAH shoves the ring in with a gleeful cry of
triumph. She knocks, and the door swings open.

SARAH: Let's go!

She goes through the door and HOGGLE and LUDO race to follow. They
BOTH try to get through the door at the same time and get into such a
tangle that the door closes before they can straighten themselves out.

HOGGLE: Now you've done it!

In a frenzy, HOGGLE starts banging on both doors.

HOGGLE: Missy! Missy, wait!


SARAH on the other side of the door. Except on this side, there is no
door, just a long expanse of wall. The forest is very dark, and as
its name suggests, very forbidding. SARAH can hear HOGGLE calling,
but it is very faint.

SARAH (scared): Hoggle?


HOGGLE is beating on the doors with such a frenzy that the other door
swings open.

HOGGLE: I'm coming ...

He rushes through the door and disappears. We can tell from his voice
that he is falling down a deep hole.

HOGGLE (echoed): ... Miiiiiiiiissy!

We hear a huge splash. Then that door shuts and LUDO is all alone.

LUDO: Sarah ... gone. Hoggle ... gone.

He is sad and confused. A FIGURE emerges from the hedge maze and
begins to walk along the wall, away from LUDO. It is the WISE ONE.
LUDO brightens and chases after them.

LUDO: Wait!

The WISE ONE stops and the HAT looks LUDO up and down.

HAT: This ought to be a good one!

LUDO: Ludo ... need ... door!

WISE ONE: You have need of a door, do you? Ah, yes. A very useful
thing, the door; also known as a portal or threshold -- and that
which gives access, a gate or gangway ...

He continues walking and LUDO walks with him, listening intently.

WISE ONE: ... also an entrance or entry, often accompanied by a
propylaeum ...

HAT (sighs): If only I had hands I could cover my ears ... that is,
if I had ears ...

WISE ONE: ... not to be confused with a window, or fenestration ...


SARAH has waited long enough.

SARAH: Hoggle, Ludo ... where are you?

She reaches into her pocket and looks at the watch. The hour hand is
on the 7.

SARAH: (whispers) Oh, Freddie! (she shoves the watch back into her
pocket) Well, you guys are going to have to catch up with me 'cause I
can't wait.

Then determined, she strides off.


HOGGLE is in a pool at the bottom of a deep hole in the ground. There
is a ledge just above him and he splashes violently trying to reach it.

HOGGLE: Somebody help me! I can't swim!


SARAH is in a very thick, creepy part of the woods. She is clearly
lost. She gets herself tangled in a thorn bush, and struggles with it
to get herself free. Finally she does, and then, frustrated, sits
down on the ground.

SARAH: Why does everything have to happen to me?

But there's no time to think about that because she hears the sound
of a driving drum rhythm and then a wild-looking, spindly, leering
LITTLE CREATURE comes scampering through the trees and into the
clearing; and then ANOTHER, and ANOTHER and ANOTHER. SARAH is
terrified as they approach her, but then not so terrified because the
CREATURES aren't doing anything except dancing; wild, loose-limbed,
frenzied dancing. SARAH laughs, and can't help but be taken in by the
wild spectacle. And then they begin to encircle her, still moving to
the wild rhythm.

SARAH (laughing, moving): What are you?

WILD THING 1: We're Wild Things, baby! Wild!

WILD THING 2: Wild and free!

WILD THING 3: Get down!

And then more WILD THINGS appear, and these produce instruments. As
and turn the drum rhythm into a frenzied upbeat number.

WILD THING 1: You call that wild! I'll show you wild!

And then he does an amazing thing, to say the least. He takes his
head off and rolls it along his arms from hand to hand like a
juggler, then tosses it high in the air and deftly catches it on his
shoulders. SARAH gasps and tries to get sway but another WILD THING
pushes her back into the middle of the melee.

WILD THING 2: Cut me some slack and move on back!

And they do, and, moving to the pounding rhythm, he takes his eyes
out of his head and waves them at SARAH. He then tosses them on the
ground as if they were a pair of dice. They land at SARAH's feet
looking straight up.

WILD THING 2: Snake eyes!

SARAH is fascinated and repelled. And the beat gets hotter and the
frenzy more frenzied and she can't help getting a little wild
herself. She begins to really dance.

WILD THING 3: That's it, baby, get wild and free! But you'll never be
as wild as me!

And to prove it he takes his head off and begins to dribble it like a
basketball. WILD THING 1 leans over to SARAH and whispers

WILD THING 1: I wouldn't call that really _wild_, would you?

SARAH: Well, it's ... uh ... sort of ...

WILD THING 1: I'd call _this_ wild ...

And he takes off his head, puts it on the ground as if it were a golf
ball, and then removes a leg and uses it as a golf club. The head
goes flying, right to SARAH. SARAH catches the head, then tries to
get it back to its body but the body dances into the middle of all
the other WILD THINGS and she can't find it. So there's SARAH,
running around like a chicken with two heads when suddenly the ears
start to flap and the head flies out of her hand. A WILD THING grabs
her hand and turns her around.

WILD THING 2: That was _wild_, baby. (he starts to dance) Now how
'bout gettin' wild with me?

But SARAH has had enough.

SARAH: I think I'll sit this one out ...

WILD THING 1: Not with us you don't ...

WILD THING 2: 'Cause we're _wild_!

And then they're all over her, like a bunch of hyper puppies, and
it's really too much.

SARAH: Enough! I've got to find the castle!

WILD THING 2: Well, why didn't you say so, baby!

WILD THING 3: That's a _wild_ idea!

And then his head flies off and he has to quickly grab it and put it
back and meanwhile the OTHERS start pushing and pulling on SARAH and
propel her into the woods.

WILD THING 1: They got some wild goings on at the castle, baby!


HOGGLE is holding on to the ledge with his fingertips. He doesn't
have the strength to hold on much longer and he looks down at the
water in mortal terror. He begins to slip just as a door opens in the
sheer rock and JARETH enters, accompanied by GOBLINS.

JARETH: Well, what have we here ... if it isn't little _Piggle_!

HOGGLE screams and slips into the water. He tries to struggle back to
the ledge but the GOBLINS push at him with poles, laughing maniacally.

JARETH: Did the girl decide she doesn't need you, now that she has
that beast?

HOGGLE (angry): She wouldn't do nuthin' like that!

JARETH leans over the water, laughing.

JARETH: Don't you know she could never care for a repulsive thing
like you!

HOGGLE splashes and tries to stay afloat.

HOGGLE: She does care! Me 'n Sarah is friends!

JARETH: Only until something better comes along ... and I've
definitely got something better in mind!

HOGGLE: Don't you hurt her!

HOGGLE grabs on to the ledge and the gleeful GOBLINS push him back
down into the water.

JARETH: What I do to her is my business ... and it is _inevitable_.

He grabs HOGGLE by the shirt front and lifts him out of the water.

JARETH: You can be with me or against me.

HOGGLE (terrified): Wh ... what do I gotta do?

JARETH: I doubt if she can make it to the castle in time ...

He leans down and speaks directly into HOGGLE's face.

JARETH: But just in case, I want you to deliver her to me.

HOGGLE: Never! I'd rather die!

JARETH sneers scornfully.

JARETH: Then so you shall.

He drops HOGGLE back into the water. The GOBLINS shriek with delight.
HOGGLE goes under and comes up sputtering.


JARETH was about to leave. He turns back to HOGGLE, a look of
amusement on his face.

HOGGLE: I gotta know what ... what you'll do to her!

He splashes pathetically in a desperate attempt to stay above water.

JARETH: I will do what ever amuses me ...

He reaches into his cloak and brings out a perfect peach.

JARETH: All _you_ have to do is give her this.

He tosses HOGGLE the peach. HOGGLE catches it and immediately the
water starts to recede.

JARETH: You've made a very wise decision.

He leaves, followed by the GOBLINS.

HOGGLE: I didn't decide nuthin'!

HOGGLE stares forlornly at the peach, and soon the water is gone and
he is sitting on cold, damp ground.


The WILD THINGS are leading SARAH on a rocky path. She stumbles along
but they couldn't care less.

SARAH: Are you sure this is the way to the castle?

WILD THING 1: Oh, did you say "the castle"?

WILD THING 2: I thought she said hassle!

WILD THING 3: I thought she said rassle!

WILD THING 1: Rassle! That's a _wild_ idea!

He leaps on SARAH and she flings him off.

SARAH: OK, guys, fun's over.

She starts to leave and they pull her back.

WILD THING 2: Over! It's just begun!

And then the musicians are back and the dancing gets wilder than
ever. The WILD THINGS totally surround SARAH, and though they aren't
hurting her, they are definitely not letting her out. What they do is
start throwing their heads at each other and switching them.

WILD THINGS 1, 2 & 3: Now this is _really_ wild!


A door opens in a nearby boulder and LUDO appears. In the background
WE CAN SEE and hear the WISE ONE as he wanders off.

WISE ONE: ... very often preceded by a porch, or portico, also
verandah, and followed by a vestibule, otherwise known as an
antechamber or foyer ...

HAT: Why me?!!

The door closes. LUDO sees SARAH in the middle of this weirdness and
is just a bit confused. SARAH sees him amidst the flying heads and
cries out in relief.

SARAH: Ludo!

LUDO: Sarah ... not ... want ... castle?

SARAH: Are you kidding?!! Get me out of here!!!

LUDO approaches the WILD THINGS and grabs a head before it reaches
its target and calmly tosses it into the trees.

WILD THING 3: Hey, big fella! That's a little _too_ wild ...

But there's no time to talk because LUDO calmly catches the other
heads and tosses them away. The bodies go scurrying after their
heads, followed by the MUSICIANS. SARAH is free.

SARAH: Oh, Ludo! I'm so glad you're here!

She gives him a kiss and he beams.

SARAH: Where's Hoggle?

LUDO: Hoggle ... in ... bad ... door.

SARAH: We've got to find him! Do you think we can?

LUDO is very confident. He spent a lot of time with the WISE ONE.

LUDO: Ludo ... knows ... doors ...

He ambles off with SARAH following.

LUDO: also ... portal ... or entrance ...


HOGGLE is more depressed than ever. The peach is nowhere to be seen.
Suddenly LUDO's head appears above.

LUDO: Hoggle ... all ... wet.

HOGGLE almost jumps out of his skin and then is totally outraged.

HOGGLE: Ain't that the clever observation, ya feeble excuse fer a
thinkin' creature!

SARAH appears from behind LUDO.

SARAH: Be nice, Hoggle. Or we won't get you out.

HOGGLE's face lights up and all thoughts of anger are forgotten.

HOGGLE: Missy!


SARAH, HOGGLE and LUDO march through thick, overgrown forest. They do
not know that they are being spied on by JARETH'S GOBLINS.


The THREESOME emerge into a clearing and see that they have come to a
wide fissure that goes off in either direction as far as the eye can
see. It is spanned by a rickety bridge held by two thick wooden posts
on either side of the gap. SARAH eyes the bridge warily.

SARAH: It doesn't look too strong but we don't have much choice ...

Suddenly they are interrupted by a high-pitched, but powerful voice.

VOICE (VO): Halt! Halt or be slain forthwith!

At first they don't see a thing and look around for the source of the
voice. Then, the imposing 18 inch high figure of DIDYMUS, resplendent
in rakish hat and swashbuckling sword, emerges from behind one of the
posts and stands in front of the bridge. LUDO and SARAH are
dumbstruck. HOGGLE, however, is not at a loss for words.

HOGGLE: Out of our way, ya wretched little rodent ...

DIDYMUS looks directly at HOGGLE.

DIDYMUS: You, sir, shall be the first to feel the point of my sword!

HOGGLE snorts with derision and SARAH tries a more sensible approach.

SARAH: Please, we really have to cross this bridge. It's a matter of
life and death!

DIDYMUS shrugs elegantly.

DIDYMUS: Under any other circumstances I would hasten to oblige you,
fair damsel, for your mission sounds a worthy one.

SARAH: Oh, it is!

DIDYMUS: But I am sworn. Without my permission, none may pass.

SARAH throws up her hands and HOGGLE mumbles under his breath. It
appears to be up to LUDO to break the deadlock. He lifts DIDYMUS up
into the air and moves him to one side. They then start to walk
toward the bridge and DIDYMUS chases them, brandishing his sword.

DIDYMUS: You dishonor me, varlets! En garde!

To his chagrin they ignore him and keep walking.

DIDYMUS: Rapscallions! Duel ... or _die_!

This gets their attention and they turn to look at him, annoyed.

HOGGLE: What _is_ this weasel babblin' about?

It is too much for DIDYMUS. He flings himself at HOGGLE with a mighty
war cry. HOGGLE tries to run for it but DIDYMUS is right behind him,
administering more than a few pinpricks in embarrassing places.
HOGGLE dives behind a bush and DIDYMUS sniffs at his cowardice. He
comes back and faces LUDO.

DIDYMUS: It is you I want, rogue of rogues. You who dealt me the
gravest affront!

And with that he jabs LUDO in the foot! LUDO is stunned, and howling,
begins to hop on his good foot. DIDYMUS, his head thrown back for a
triumphant yell, goes after LUDO with his sword flashing and there is
nothing for LUDO to do but pick up a branch and defend himself. It is
the most mismatched duel in the history of chivalrous absurdity
DIDYMUS moving at an incredible speed, parrying the mighty swipes of
LUDO's branch with great skill -- and no small amount of difficulty.
And LUDO fending off the incessant pinpricks of the little sword,
leaping about with surprising agility -- and at a rate that exhausts
him totally. Finally, the two of them, breathing heavily, lower their
weapons. And, to everyone's surprise, DIDYMUS throws down his sword.

DIDYMUS: I no longer wish to slay you, for you are a truly noble

Then DIDYMUS strides up to him and, craning his neck, attempts to
look LUDO in the eyes.

DIDYMUS: Destroy me if you will.

LUDO quickly drops his branch in response. The whole thing has upset
his gentle nature terribly. DIDYMUS then holds out a tiny paw.

DIDYMUS: Never have I met my match in battle, yet you, noble knight,
have fought me to a standstill.

LUDO kneels and tentatively takes DIDYMUS' paw into his own huge hand.

DIDYMUS: Let us be brothers henceforth, and fight for the right as

SARAH cheers and HOGGLE, unimpressed, rubs his sore rear. LUDO
smiles from ear to ear.

LUDO: Ludo ... get ... brother!

Then he and DIDYMUS exchange the ritual kiss on each cheek, which in
their case is not easily accomplished. SARAH then turns practical.

SARAH: Well, now that that's settled let's get going.

She heads for the bridge but DIDYMUS blocks her way.

DIDYMUS: You forget my sacred vow, my lady. I cannot let you pass.

SARAH is incensed.

SARAH: But you said Ludo was your brother! How can you refuse him?!!

DIDYMUS: I have taken an oath. I must defend it to the death.

HOGGLE, enraged, turns on LUDO.

HOGGLE: Some brother he turned out ta be!

LUDO: Brother ... good!

HOGGLE: Well, if he's so good, why won't he let us get on with our

LUDO scratches his head. He has no idea. SARAH sits down beside the
crestfallen DIDYMUS.

SARAH: OK, let's handle this thing logically. What exactly have you

DIDYMUS brandishes his sword.

DIDYMUS: I have sworn with my life-blood, no one shall pass this way
without my permission.

SARAH: Then may we ... _have your permission_?

DIDYMUS is stunned. HOGGLE and LUDO barely breathe. Slowly DIDYMUS
looks all around and then, with a courage greater than any he has
ever had to call on before, he says it.


And the sky doesn't fall, and the earth doesn't heave, and everything
is exactly as it should be.

SARAH: Thank you.

DIDYMUS breathes a sigh of relief and steps aside to let them pass.
LUDO is the first one to go over and that is unfortunate. Because the
rickety bridge collapses under his weight. SARAH and HOGGLE jump back
on the ground near DIDYMUS just in time and poor LUDO swings over the
deep fissure, hanging on to one of the ropes that held the bridge.
With a mighty effort he hoists himself up on to the opposite side and
looks forlornly over at the others.

SARAH: Oh no!

SARAH crumples to the ground, and stares miserably at the broken

HOGGLE: Now see what ya done, ya mush-brained mammoth!

DIDYMUS: I, Sir Didymus, take responsibility for the actions of my
brother, my lady. Lash out at me if you must.

SARAH: I'm not mad at Ludo, Sir Didymus. I'm just upset because time
is running out and I have to rescue my baby brother.

DIDYMUS is struck to the very roots of his chivalry.

DIDYMUS: You mean to rescue _a child_?!!

SARAH: The goblin king took him, and I've only got ...

She takes out the watch. The hour hand is on the 5.

SARAH: ... five hours to get him back.

DIDYMUS yells across to LUDO.

DIDYMUS: Is this your quest, too, my brother?

LUDO: Save ... baby.

DIDYMUS is overwhelmed.

DIDYMUS: Then I shall join you, lady. I am at your service, upon my

He bows low before SARAH and she smiles.

SARAH: I happily accept your fealty, Sir Didymus.

HOGGLE frowns with displeasure at this latest development.

HOGGLE: This is all well an' good, Missy. But we still got one little

They all look across the fissure at LUDO.

LUDO: Ludo ... friends.

HOGGLE: Yes, yes. We're friends. Very nice. What's that got ta do
with us gettin' over there without a bridge?

LUDO: Rocks ... friends.

HOGGLE: We're wastin' our time, Missy. Let's you an' me go find
another ...

He is interrupted by LUDO bellowing, which is followed by a
sympathetic rumbling. Suddenly rocks pile in from both directions
until there is a pile in the fissure high enough for them to walk

LUDO: Rocks ... friends!

SARAH (laughing): They sure are, Ludo!

She skips happily across followed by a sullen HOGGLE. DIDYMUS
whistles and is quickly joined by a tail-wagging SHEEPDOG. SARAH
gasps, he is the spitting image of her own MERLIN.

SARAH: It's ...

DIDYMUS: Ambrosius! My noble steed.

SARAH laughs and shrugs. Nothing surprises her in the labyrinth.


The edge of the forest. From here you can see the castle in the
distance, just across the dry, cracked plain. The sky is full of
stars. SARAH, HOGGLE, LUDO and DIDYMUS are sitting around a fire.

DIDYMUS: What will you do after we save the child, my lady?

SARAH: Take him home, of course! That is, if I can figure out how.

DIDYMUS: What is your kingdom like? Do you have many knights to
defend your honor?

SARAH: Not even one.

DIDYMUS: It cannot be! What bitter place is this that does such
dishonor to my lady?

SARAH: It's a place where ... where nobody really sees me.

LUDO: Ludo ... see ... Sarah!

SARAH: (laughs) I know you do, Ludo. (she turns to Didymus) And
thanks to you, Sir Didymus, I finally have a knight.

He bows graciously. HOGGLE, who has been watching this scene, feels
rejected and miserable. He gets up and wanders away from the fire.
After a moment, SARAH follows him.

SARAH: Don't you feel like resting?

HOGGLE: I ain't tired.

SARAH: Me neither. What I am is hungry.

HOGGLE winces but SARAH doesn't notice. SARAH looks back at LUDO and
DIDYMUS. LUDO lies on his back snoring loudly. DIDYMUS dozes against

SARAH: They're both wonderful, aren't they?

HOGGLE: They're alright.

SARAH: They're more than that! They're loyal and strong ... and with
their help I'm going to beat Jareth!

HOGGLE shakes his head sadly. SARAH speaks as an afterthought.

SARAH: And yours, too, of course.

HOGGLE: I ain't no fighter ...

She shrugs that off and wanders away to look out at the castle.
HOGGLE goes through agony for a moment, and then makes a decision.

HOGGLE: Missy ... if you're hungry ...

He holds out the peach that JARETH gave him: the world's most
delicious looking peach.

SARAH: Oh, great!

She happily taken the peach and bites. It takes everything HOGGLE has
to not put his hands over his ears. She takes another bite and then

SARAH (laughing): Everything's dancing ...

She looks up at the sky, exhilarated.

SARAH: Even the stars are dancing!

HOGGLE turns and walks back to the fire. SARAH stumbles about as she
gazes happily at the sky.


FREDDIE is leading the GOBLINS on a merry chase. He crawls around the
room, pulling things off shelves. A GOBLIN is on his hands and knees
in front of JARETH polishing his boots. JARETH kicks the GOBLIN and
sends him flying across the room. This makes FREDDIE laugh and he
pulls a book off the shelf and throws it. It hits a GOBLIN on the
head. JARETH scoops up FREDDIE and puts him in his cradle. He sits
down next to him.

JARETH: Little goblin-to-be, I have something to amuse you.

He waves his hands in front of FREDDIE and suddenly beautiful
crystalline balls appear in them. He runs them over his fingers like
so many coins, their molten light so dazzling that FREDDIE kicks up
his legs with excitement. And WE CAN SEE that at the end of his
pajamas are two wizened goblin feet! JARETH laughs and flings the
balls into the air and they turn into bubbles, beautiful, mesmerizing

JARETH: Soon, little one. Very, very soon ...

And they both watch the bubbles as they fly out the window and over
the labyrinth, coldly beautiful against the darkening sky.


SARAH's hand opens slowly and the half-eaten peach falls to the
ground. She stares out into the sky, mesmerized. The bubbles are
approaching; dazzling, dancing bubbles. And then she hears music,
haunting, spell-casting music. The bubbles come closer and WE CAN SEE
that each one contains a TWIRLING DANCER, a DANCER just like the one
in SARAH's music box. She gets up and follows them.


HOGGLE watching from the woods.

HOGGLE: Damn you, Jareth! (He turns and begins to walk away) And damn
me too!


A bubble, with SARAH inside it, floating through the sky. She appears
enchanted, and she begins to twirl, just like the OTHER DANCERS.


A giant bubble, with a magnificent ballroom inside it. Tiny bubbles
rush to join it. In one of them is SARAH.


The music changes and now SARAH is inside the ballroom. It is a
magnificent spectacle with all the beauty and decadence of an 18th
Century Venetian ball. Magnificently dressed DANCERS swirl to the
music in an incredibly opulent setting. But when you look closer you
sense decay just beneath the surface; things are threadbare, faded.
The GUESTS wear masks that are elegant parodies of goblin faces,
giving them all a slightly sinister look. And there is something very
provocative about all of them; the WOMEN have bare shoulders and
daring decolletage, many of the MEN have their shirts open to the
waist. Some of them lounge against the wall indolently and there is
the feeling that the party has been going on all night. In this
setting SARAH is the picture of innocence. TWO WOMEN snickering
behind their fans as SARAH approaches, and she is suddenly terribly
self-conscious. How plain She feels amidst all this! She looks into
one of the many mirrors that line the ballroom and sighs at her
image. Then suddenly she sees something in the mirror that makes her


The mirror, and in it the reflection of a resplendent JARETH dancing
with a particularly exotic-looking WOMAN. SARAH whirls around, trying
to get another glimpse of JARETH. She is so intent on trying to see
him that she doesn't notice that she is being stared at brazenly by a
YOUNG MAN leaning against the wall. He moves next to her and whispers
something into her ear. She hurries away, shocked; and the YOUNG MAN
throws back his head and laughs. And JARETH sees the whole thing.


SARAH is approached by a MIDDLE-AGED MAN who has a box hanging at
waist height from a ribbon around his neck. It looks like SARAH's
music box. She looks down at it with interest and he throws open the
cover. But there is no dancer inside, instead there is a stick carved
like a snake. It shoots out at SARAH and she cries out and backs
away. ALL THE PEOPLE around her laugh and she moves hurriedly on.
JARETH, who is dancing with an even more beautiful WOMAN than before,
watches SARAH.


SARAH is looking for JARETH. She spots him and sees him whisper
something to his partner who smiles knowingly from beneath her mask
and licks her lips. SARAH blushes and turns away and finds herself
looking into another mirror. But in the reflection, JARETH isn't with
a partner. He is standing alone, the DANCERS a whirling blur around
him, and he is looking straight at her. SARAH, whirling around to
face the crowd and she sees JARETH with yet a third BEAUTY. And then
she realizes that it is herself! In a trance-like state she moves
through the CROWD to get a better look.


SARAH'S POV - She is whirling in JARETH's arms, and she is the most
beautiful woman at the ball. JARETH smiles down at her and the
attraction between them is palpable.

JARETH: You look like a queen.

SARAH looks up at him, thrilled by his words.

SARAH: I ... I feel like ... I ... don't know what I feel ...

JARETH (smiling): Don't you?

And he whirls her around dizzyingly, so dizzyingly that she swoons in
his arms. He catches her before she can fall very far, tightening his
grip around her waist.

SARAH: Are we ... are we in a bubble?

JARETH: Yes, we are. A dream bubble ... where your dreams can come


OUR SARAH is being jostled by the crowd. She stumbles and almost
falls on top of a COUPLE on a bench. The WOMAN is sprawled across the
lap of the MAN who wears a mask with a very phallic nose. SARAH backs
away from them, frightened.


JARETH and SARAH, dancing. She is smiling up at him, he has never
looked more handsome. There is something more open about him, as if
he, too, is caught up in the moment. He nuzzles her hair with his
lips and whispers in her ear.

JARETH (whispering): My Queen!

Then he begins a song. A song that tells SARAH he will give her
everything she wants, even things she doesn't know she wants. A song
that says forget it all; all the restrictions, all the powerlessness.
Forget and stay in the dream.


OUR SARAH watches, mesmerized. But every time she tries to get closer
to JARETH and SARAH she in jostled by a lascivious ADMIRER, pushed
out of the way by WOMEN laughingly being chased by MEN. She stumbles
against a wall and a door opens. Inside, pillow feathers are flying
and she can't make out what the SEVERAL PEOPLE are doing. A WOMAN
comes up to the doorway, winks at SARAH, and closes the door.


JARETH finishes the song and SARAH looks up at him, smiling. He moves
his face closer to hers and she closes her eyes. His face comes
closer, and closer.


OUR SARAH shrinks back from what she is seeing. She turns and runs,
pushing herself though the languid CROWD, right into the bubble


SARAH comes crashing through the bubble and the whole ballroom
crumbles. In seconds it resembles nothing so much as a junkyard.

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