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Early Script

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(Scanned in by Cruiser One on Dec 27, 1996.)

Another part of the wall. HOGGLE pushes a bush aside and shows SARAH
a tiny door. She looks at it dubiously.

HOGGLE: This'll take ya into the maze, that's the first part of the
labyrinth ...

SARAH: The first part! What comes after that?

HOGGLE gets down on his knees and starts to crawl through the door.

HOGGLE: Then there's the Garden Maze, then the Forbidden Forest ...

SARAH: That sounds inviting ...

He is through the door. He is still talking but SARAH can't hear him.
She quickly tries to follow.

SARAH: Wait! Wait! I can't hear you ...


HOGGLE is through the door.

HOGGLE: ... then comes the castle ...

SARAH's head appears.

HOGGLE: ... that's surely where Jareth's keepin' the babe ...

He looks down at SARAH, she is through the door to her waist and
straining to get the rest of herself through. HOGGLE sighs and grabs
her hand. With a groan he tugs on her and pulls her through the
doorway. She lands flat on her face.

HOGGLE: Ya don't seem ta be able ta do nuthin' without my help, do ya?

He chuckles and SARAH gives him a look that could kill as she gets up
and dusts herself off. She looks around and the environment seems
rather benign. The brick walls are open to the sky, here and there a
flower peeks through a crack.

SARAH: Oh, I think I can handle it. In fact, this place doesn't seem
so bad at all.

And with that, she jauntily heads down the nearest corridor.


SARAH turns a corner and comes face to face with a FACE. It is huge
and grotesque and protrudes out of the wall.

FACE: Go back! Go back before it's too late!

SARAH screams and backs away from it, moving further down the
corridor. She backs into something and whirls around. It is ANOTHER

FACE 2: Turn back while you still can!!

SARAH turns and runs back the way she came.

SARAH: Hoggle!


HOGGLE is still standing by the door, an amused smile on his face.
SARAH comes rushing toward him.

SARAH: Oh, I'm so glad you're still here! They were horrible ...

HOGGLE: You don't mean the False Alarms, do ya?

He shakes his head and goes off in the direction that SARAH just came

HOGGLE: If ya gonna let a little thing like them scare ya, Missy, ya
haven't a hope o' makin' it to the castle.

SARAH quickly follows.

SARAH: False Alarms?


The corridor of faces. HOGGLE enters and the FACES start in on their
routine. SARAH comes up behind him, shuddering at the ghastly sight.

FACE 1: This is the path of no return!

FACE 2: Beware! Beware!

HOGGLE: Just ignore 'em.

SARAH: Are you sure?

HOGGLE sighs and turns to the NEXT FACE.

FACE 3: Abandon all hope ...

HOGGLE: Oh, shut up, will ya?

SARAH is wide-eyed at HOGGLE's defiance.

FACE 3: But I was just getting to the best part!

HOGGLE: All right. But don't expect us to pay any attention.

FACE 3 (winks at Sarah): You're going to love this ... Abandon all
hope ye who enter here, for this is the road to destruction!!!

HOGGLE (bored): Very nice ...

SARAH is dumbstruck. HOGGLE takes her hand and yanks her along.

FACE 3: Come back any time ... I mean, you're doomed, doomed!


HOGGLE and SARAH continuing down a similar corridor.

HOGGLE: Ya see, things aren't always what they appear to be around
here, Missy ...

SARAH (shrugging): Whatever. All I'm interested in is getting my
brother back from that creep.

She starts to look around for something.

HOGGLE: I admire yer determination, but it takes more'n that to beat

SARAH picks up a rock.

SARAH: Well, maybe I'm beginning to get the hang of this labyrinth

She takes the rock and uses it to mark an X on the floor.

SARAH: See, now I'll know which way we came in case I get lost.

HOGGLE (sighs): Missy, goin' back the way ya came is par fer the
course around here, what ya want to do is go forward.

SARAH: Look, Hoggle! I've got to find Freddie and I don't need you to
discourage me!

HOGGLE: And I don't need to be wastin' me time goin' around in
circles with you!

SARAH: That's fine with me! (she starts off) I know you're only after
my ring, anyway!

She turns a corner and HOGGLE looks after her, hurt and pity crossing
his face. He takes a few steps in her direction and an officious
little creature, a BRICKKEEPER, emerges from the brickwork of the
floor, takes out the cobblestone that SARAH marked, and replaces it
with the marked side hidden. It looks up at HOGGLE.

BRICKKEEPER: Some people got no respect for property!

HOGGLE sticks his tongue out at the CREATURE just as it goes back
into its hole.


The WHITE BIRD flies over the maze and WE SEE SARAH marching along.
She thinks she's going forward but she's heading right for HOGGLE.


SARAH emerges into the corridor and comes face to face with HOGGLE.

SARAH: But ...

She whirls around to look behind her, then back at HOGGLE again.

SARAH: ... but you were just behind me! I'm sure of it!

HOGGLE shakes his head as she runs by him and looks down at the floor.

SARAH: My mark! It was right here!

HOGGLE comes up beside her.

HOGGLE: I told ya, Missy. Things aren't what they appear to be around
here ...

JARETH (VO): Except when they are.


JARETH, in all his glory. SARAH and HOGGLE whirl around and BOTH gasp
with surprise and fear.

JARETH: We meet again ... Sarah.

SARAH: Where's Freddie?!! What have you done with him!?

She starts to rush toward JARETH but HOGGLE holds her back.

JARETH: Nothing ... yet.

He walks toward them and they automatically step backwards. He looks
down at HOGGLE.

JARETH: And what have we here ... Hoghead, isn't it?

HOGGLE is humiliated.

HOGGLE: Me name's Hoggle.

JARETH: Ah, yes. Now I remember. (he moves closer to Hoggle) You're
the greedy little coward who lives outside the gate. Shouldn't you be
back there minding your own business ... Hedgehog?

He chucks HOGGLE under the chin, and is quite rough about it. HOGGLE
fumes silently. SARAH doesn't like this.

SARAH: Why, why don't you pick on someone your own size?

He looks her up and down.

JARETH: Whom did you have in mind?

SARAH tries to brazen it out.

SARAH: I don't have time for any games. I want Freddie, and I want
him now!

JARETH throws back his head and laughs.

JARETH: Ah, Freddie. An adorable little imp. I'm really growing
rather fond of him.

SARAH: Where is he?!!

JARETH: He's in my castle, and seems to be enjoying himself immensely.

He ambles toward them and they can't help themselves, they BOTH step

JARETH: In fact, he likes being with goblins so much, I'm considering
turning him into one.

SARAH thinks this is crazy.

SARAH: You can't do that!

JARETH (grinning): Oh yes I can.

SARAH looks down at HOGGLE and speaks under her breath.

SARAH: Can he?

HOGGLE nods glumly.

JARETH: But let's make it interesting. I won't do it for ... thirteen
hours. If you make it to the castle before then you might be able to
save him. If not, well, I think little Freddie will mike an adorable
goblin prince, don't you?

He laughs and holds up both hands and WE SEE that they are empty. He
then closes them and when he opens them again there is a gold watch
in one hand. He throws it to SARAH, but HOGGLE intercepts it and eyes
it greedily. Annoyed, SARAH snatches it out of his hand. She looks at
it and sees that it has 13 hours marked on it. When she looks up
again, JARETH is gone.

WORM (VO): Well, good riddance to bad rubbish!

SARAH and HOGGLE BOTH jump and then look at where the voice is coming
from. It is a little WORM, poking its head out of a hole in the

WORM: That's what the missus always says, she does. Why the last time
she found that one around here she sent him packing.

SARAH: Jareth?!

WORM: She don't take to his kind of nonsense, that's for sure. Now,
how about a nice cup of tea? The missus has a kettle on.

SARAH looks down at HOGGLE, who shrugs. She then looks up at the WORM
and gives him a beaming smile.


SARAH and HOGGLE are sitting on the floor.

SARAH: Do you think Jareth will give Freddie back if I make it on

HOGGLE: It's hard to say, Missy. But if I were you, I'd worry 'bout
first things first.

SARAH: What do you mean?

HOGGLE: I means ya got ta find the castle before ya can go savin' the
babe and I mean ta see that ya do!

SARAH is thrilled and leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

SARAH: Oh, Hoggle! Thank you, thank you so much!

HOGGLE gets all flustered and tries to act gruff.

HOGGLE: Seems to me I could be gettin' that ring from ya after all if
I plays me cards right.

SARAH regards him affectionately.

SARAH: I know you don't mean that. You're helping me because you're
really nice.

HOGGLE: I ain't nice! I just likes the way ya stood up ta him is all.
(he is thoughtful for a moment; almost to himself) Too bad more've us
haven't had the guts to do the same.

The WORM reappears.

WORM: How about a biscuit? The missus just took a fresh batch out of
the oven.

SARAH: Thanks, but we really don't have any time. We've got to get to
the castle.

HOGGLE: Ya wouldn't happen to know a shortcut, would ya?

WORM: Well, you might try taking that first left.

SARAH and HOGGLE look down the corridor.

SARAH: But there isn't any left turn.

Just then a strange FIGURE seems to come through the left wall and
walks toward them. He is dressed in long flowing robes and wears a
hat shaped like a bird.

WORM: See, there's a left turn right there, where that Wise One just
came in.

SARAH: A Wise One! Maybe he knows the best way to the castle!

HOGGLE: I wouldn't bet on it.

But SARAH is excited about the possibility of getting more help.

SARAH: Excuse me, Sir. Could you tell us the best way to get to the

WISE ONE: The best way to the castle, hmmm. I'm glad you asked that

To SARAH's and HOGGLE's surprise, the HAT joins into the conversation.

HAT: Now you've done it, gone and asked him a question. We'll be here
all day!

WISE ONE: A castle, or fortress, or as it is sometimes known, a
stronghold or citadel -- or, that which has a turret and barbican,
but usually not a portcullis ...

HAT: What did I tell you? There's no stopping him now.

WISE ONE: ... often there is a rampart or bulwark, and then a parapet
-- perchance an actual vallum or counterscarp ...

HAT: Shut up down there!

WISE ONE: ... and for entrenchment; a moat, drawbridge and sally-port

SARAH looks at HOGGLE.

SARAH: This was not one of my better ideas.

HAT: Well, I told you that, didn't I? But nobody ever listens to me!

He looks down at the still mumbling WISE ONE.

HAT: Enough! Nobody cares!!

The WISE ONE blinks and looks at SARAH and HOGGLE.

WISE ONE: Did one of you say something?

SARAH thinks quickly.

SARAH: Oh, no. We never talk to strangers.

WISE ONE: That's very wise. An idea worth savoring.

HOGGLE nudges him.

HOGGLE: Yeah, but keep it under your hat!

HOGGLE thinks this is hilarious. The HAT doesn't.

HAT: Ve-ry funny!

The WISE ONE continues on his way.

WISE ONE: The stranger, hmm. I'm glad you brought that up. The
stranger; one not indigenous, also known as the alien, or one from
beyond the sea ...

HAT (hysterical): I quit! I can't take it anymore!

And then they are gone, passing through the righthand wall as if it
wasn't there. SARAH watches after them, stunned.

SARAH: How did he do that?!!

HOGGLE: And how can we make sure he doesn't come back?

SARAH gives him a look and turns to the WORM.

WORM: Just go over to that bit of wall there and walk right through
it. The important thing is to forget what you think you know. It
doesn't apply around here.

SARAH and HOGGLE walk down to the part of the wall where the WISE ONE
entered. Once there, they can see that a section of the wall is
actually a passageway-width behind the rest of the wall. SARAH yells
back to the WORM.

SARAH: Thank you! And tell the missus we're sorry we missed her

And then they walk through the wall and are gone.


SARAH and HOGGLE appear through the wall and SARAH laughs with
delight. HOGGLE wasn't as pleased with the experience and feels the
wall as if testing to see if it really happened. SARAH sees that they
are in a corridor where the walls are crumbling and she climbs up to
the top of one and looks over.



SARAH (excited): I can see the castle! It doesn't look far at all!

HOGGLE is still feeling around the wall, trying to figure out how
they got there. SARAH jumps down and starts to run down the corridor.

SARAH: Come on, Hoggle. Let's go!

HOGGLE sees her retreating figure and hurries after her.


JARETH's great hall. He stands by a window and looks out over the
labyrinth -- from this vantage point he can see clear across it: the
hovels that surround the castle walls, the arid plain that leads to
the dense forest, encircling that, the complex maze. He seems lost in
thought. The WHITE BIRD enters the window and lands on his shoulder.
Behind him FREDDIE is having a grand time. His slippery crawl is too
much for the GOBLINS that scurry about, trying to mind him.
Meanwhile, a particularly stupid looking GOBLIN begins to approach
JARETH. He saunters across the room and is stopped short by a FEMALE
GOBLIN. She grabs hold of his shirt and hisses a warning.

FEMALE GOBLIN: Remember! It's bow and scrape ... bow and scrape ...

The STUPID GOBLIN nods and she lets him go. He then continues his
approach to JARETH, only this time he does a little bow and then
scrapes his foot across the floor, then repeats the action.

STUPID GOBLIN (to himself): Bow 'n scrape ... bow 'n scrape ...

JARETH turns and sees the GOBLIN.

JARETH: Well, what is it?

The GOBLIN can't answer and do his bow-and-scrape at the same time so
continues his painfully slow approach.

STUPID GOBLIN: ... bow 'n scrape ... bow 'n scrape ...

Annoyed, JARETH walks over to the GOBLIN and lifts him up by his
shirt front. The GOBLIN is still bowing.

JARETH: I said, what is it?!!!

STUPID GOBLIN: Th ... the girl and Hoggle, sire. Th ... they're
halfway th .... through th ... the maze.

JARETH drops the GOBLIN hard on the floor. FREDDIE sees this and
laughs with delight. JARETH walks over and scoops the BABY up in his
arms. He then carries him over to the window. He calls over to an
ARMED GOBLIN by the door.

JARETH: I think it's time they had some company.


Be then salutes, causing his visor to close on his face, then
stumbles around looking for the door. JARETH shakes his head.

JARETH: You'll make a much better goblin than that, won't you,

FREDDIE's response is to clap his sticky baby's hand on to JARETH's
face. JARETH, pretending he doesn't mind, carefully removes it. He
then looks down to the courtyard below.


ARMED GOBLINS are pouring out of the castle.


SARAH and HOGGLE are striding down a corridor. They are about to come
to a corner.

SARAH: Are you sure Jareth can turn Freddie into a goblin? I mean,
that's really weird ...

They turn the corner and HOGGLE stops short. SARAH becomes alarmed.

SARAH: What is it?

HOGGLE gestures for her to be quiet and then we can hear what he
hears -- marching. They look back the way they came.


right towards them!


They look at each other, then turn and run. HOGGLE tries to get
through the wall the way the WORM showed them.

HOGGLE (quoting the worm): Just forget what you think you know and ...

He smacks headlong into the wall. He stops to rub his nose and SARAH
flies by him.

SARAH: Come on!


FREDDIE is now sitting on the lap of a GOBLIN, happily bopping it on
the nose. JARETH snaps his fingers and a GROUP of sleepy MUSICIANS in
the corner stumble over themselves to pick up their instruments. They
begin to play and JARETH looks out the window and begins a song. He
sings about the labyrinth; what it is -- his domain, and what it is
to OTHERS -- a test, a proving-ground, not for the faint of heart.


While JARETH sings, SARAH and HOGGLE try to escape from the GOBLINS.
They get a lead on them for a while and come to another corridor with
crumbling walls. They scamper up to get a look at their position and
see dust rising from several parts of the maze. The GOBLINS are

In another corridor, they are stopped in their tracks by DOZENS OF
LITTLE FUZZY CREATURES who scurry towards them out of the way of the
oncoming GOBLINS. They turn and run back the way they came and as
they do WALL CREATURES chatter nervously and then disappear into the
cracks between the bricks.

In a corridor with very short walls they are able to see the tips of
spears on either side of them, going in the opposite direction.

They enter a corridor with several arches curving over it, forming
small, intermittent bridges. Thinking they are safe, they stop for a
breath, and soon realize that a BATTALION is right behind them. They
scurry up the walls, and as the song comes to an end, they each lie
across an arch hopefully out of sight of the GOBLINS below.


SARAH and HOGGLE huddle above the corridor on their arches as TWO
GOBLINS bring up the rear.

GOBLIN 1: I can kill better than you can.

GOBLIN 2: But I'm better at maiming. Everybody says so.

And they are gone. Shaken, SARAH and HOGGLE slide down from their
hiding places.

SARAH: Do you think they're gone?

HOGGLE: Sure they are. Goblins ain't known fer their intelligence, ya
know. They has as much trouble findin' their way through the maze as
you do.

He folds his arms and leans against the wall.

SARAH: I'm not sure, but I think you just called me stupid ...

Suddenly HOGGLE yells and disappears. He has accidentally leaned on
another secret wall opening. SARAH quickly follows.


HOGGLE and SARAH are now in the long circular corridor that divides
the maze from the beginning of the second ring of the labyrinth --
the Garden Maze.

HOGGLE (excited): I think I know where we are!

SARAH: That'll be a nice change.

He ignores her and looks around excitedly.

HOGGLE: This place is the end o' the maze! That means we're near the
entrance ta the second ring o' the labyrinth.

SARAH: The second ring? What's that?

HOGGLE starts down the corridor.

HOGGLE (happily): The Garden Maze!

SARAH (gloomy): Sounds like a great place ... what's it like?

HOGGLE: Don't know, I ain't never made it this far before.

He is skipping happily down the corridor when SARAH hears something.
It is a strange clanking sound.

SARAH (frightened): Hoggle! What's that sound?!!

HOGGLE stops skipping and sighs.

HOGGLE: Now don't go gettin' all girly on me, Missy, now that we's
finally safe ...

SARAH: So you think we're safe, do you?

HOGGLE (annoyed): Didn't I just say so?!!

SARAH: Then tell me what you think of that.

SARAH points behind them where the clanking noise is coming from. It
is now much louder. HOGGLE comes over to her and takes a better look.
He screams.


THEIR POV - A SLASHING MACHINE is coming right towards them. (A
slashing wall is made up of rows of furiously spinning knives, and
chopping cleavers, and has brushes along the bottom to clean up
whatever it encounters in its path.) And there is no way around it
because it completely fills the corridor.


HOGGLE desperately tries to walk through the wall the way they came
in, but it is to no avail. He just keeps smashing his face. SARAH
starts to run for it.

SARAH: Come on!

HOGGLE follows, every so often trying, and failing, to get through
the wall.


SARAH, who is far ahead of HOGGLE, comes to a door! And hanging on a
hook next to it is a bunch of keys. She looks back at HOGGLE.

SARAH: Hoggle, hurry!


SARAH'S POV - HOGGLE running toward her, and making slow but steady
progress toward them BOTH -- the slashing machine.


SARAH fumbles with the keys, furiously trying key after key in the
door but to no avail. She is terrified.

SARAH: None of the keys work!

Desperate, she starts banging on the door. HOGGLE is just a few yards
away from her.

HOGGLE: Why don't you just try it?

He then tries once more to walk through the wall. SARAH tries the
knob and sure enough, it opens. She is delighted. What she doesn't
see is HOGGLE suddenly disappearing through the floor.

SARAH: It's open! Hog ...

She turns around and he is gone! And the slashing machine is just a
few yards away! She screams and, in her terror, falls backwards
through the door. It slams shut just as the slashing machine reaches
it WE CAN SEE that FOUR GOBLINS in sanitation workers' uniforms have
been pushing the machine all along. They grunt and strain, cranking
the wheels that turn the knives and pushing all at the same time.


SARAH emerges into a large room. The walls are covered with large
paintings in ornate gilt frames. She is a bit stunned by the clone
call with the slashing machine as she approaches the first painting.

SARAH (to herself): What in the world ...

She stops short in front of the first painting and cannot believe her
eyes. It is a painting of the watch with 13 hours on it. The hour
hand is on the 9. SARAH fumbles into her pocket and finds the watch
that Jareth gave her. It also has the hour hand on the 9.

SARAH: Only 9 hours left!

The next picture is of a BABY surrounded by gruesome GOBLINS. On
closer inspection, the BABY is obviously FREDDIE. She chokes back a
sob and runs over to the next one, it is a picture of a rotunda with
staircases going off in all different directions on different planes
of gravity. It is an Escher room, and a closer look shows a GOBLIN
happily standing on the ceiling. She shakes her head and goes by the
next painting and gasps involuntarily. It is a compelling portrait of
JARETH, and she moves even closer. Then she shakes herself out of it.


THE PORTRAIT'S POV - SARAH wills herself away and moves on, and we
hear the sound of JARETH's breathing.


SARAH is nervous and eagerly looks for a way out. She rushes by
another painting, giving it merely a glance. But something makes her
go back for a better look. It is of a lovely, manicured hedge maze.
In the distance WE CAN SEE the turrets of JARETH's castle. And in the
sky nearby flies a beautiful WHITE BIRD. And then SARAH is amazed by
what she sees. A closer look at the painting reveals that the WHITE
BIRD is flying! It moves over the hedges and WE SEE a FIGURE waving.

SARAH: Hoggle!

SARAH, disturbed, backs away from the painting. And then, because it
really is as wonderful as it is scary, she goes back for another look
and over her shoulder WE CAN SEE HOGGLE waving and we hear his tiny

HOGGLE: Missy! Over here! This is the way to the castle!

And SARAH strains to hear, and leans toward the painting, stretching
her hand out and touching the painting, which makes it turn into a
shimmering wall that her hand goes right through. And then she
disappears right through the painting.


THE GALLERY. And JARETH's portrait is now blank.


SARAH rushes up to HOGGLE and throws her arms around him.

SARAH: What happened to you? I was afraid I'd never see you again!

HOGGLE: Ya know that trick with the wall? Damn, if it don't work with
the floor, as well!

SARAH laughs and hugs him again.


SARAH and HOGGLE have been walking through the maze a long time. They
are tired and bedraggled. SARAH pulls the watch out of her pocket and

SARAH: An hour's gone by and I don't think we're more than four feet
from where we started.

HOGGLE: That's 'cause ya won't do what I tells ya. It's clear as day
we should be goin' this way ...

He turns a corner and walks smack into a hedge dead end. He howls in
pain and SARAH sighs and follows him.


HOGGLE disentangling himself from the hedge.

SARAH: Got any more suggestions?

Before HOGGLE can answer they are interrupted by a terrible
gut-wrenching scream. It is positively unearthly. SARAH whirls around.

SARAH: It sounds like it came from over there!

HOGGLE points in the opposite direction.

HOGGLE: Then let's go this way.

SARAH frowns at him as the scream begins again.

SARAH: Hoggle! It sounds like someone's being hurt!

HOGGLE: Exactly why we should be headin' in the othermost direction!

SARAH shakes her head in disgust and runs off as the screams become
more unbearable.


SARAH, running through the hedge maze. Driven by the sound of the
screams, she has an unconscious ability to find her way through.
HOGGLE, trying to keep up with her, keeps running into dead ends.


SARAH emerging from the maze. She is stopped in her tracks by what
she sees and quickly covers her mouth to prevent herself from
screaming. HOGGLE emerges a moment later, barely pauses before he
heads right back into the maze.


SARAH'S POV - FOUR GOBLINS are torturing a huge creature (LUDO) that
they have hung by his ankle from a tree limb. They have also taken
pains to bind the CREATURE, who it is obvious could take an most of
them and win in a fairer fight. He is about nine feet tall,
powerfully built, and his screams of frustrated agony are truly
unbearable. The GOBLINS have devised a unique method of harassing
him. They ALL carry long sticks which have small, fierce, biting
CREATURES on the end of them. The GOBLINS bat their sticks at LUDO,
who bellows and tries to swat back. Since he is tied, the NIPPERS are
free to bite him whenever they get near.


SARAH, distraught, peeking out from behind a hedge.

SARAH: The poor thing!

HOGGLE peeks out from behind SARAH, then quickly ducks back. SARAH
looks for a way to stop the torture. She picks up a rock and
carefully aims it at the nearest GOBLIN. It hits his head and knocks
his helmet visor over his eyes. Blinded, the GOBLIN lurches around,
swinging his nipper stick at the OTHER THREE.

BLINDED GOBLIN: Hey! Who turned out the lights?

The OTHER GOBLINS see a new target and poke their nipper sticks
towards him. He takes off and runs blindly into the hedge maze. The
OTHER THREE chase him, carrying the nipper sticks upright no that WE
CAN SEE their progress in the BG.


SARAH desperately tries to untie the huge knot that holds LUDO
suspended upside down. She can't undo it and yells for HOGGLE

SARAH: Get out here, you coward!

HOGGLE appears from behind his hedge. He hesitates, then pulls a
dagger from his belt and joins SARAH. He cuts through the rope in one
hack, and LUDO falls to the ground with a thud.


The nipper sticks start yammering away as they see SARAH and HOGGLE
freeing LUDO over the top of the hedge. The GOBLIN chase stops and
they head back to the clearing. HOGGLE dives for the bushes but a
determined SARAH stays and pulls off the ropes. When LUDO is free, he
picks up a huge log. As the FOUR GOBLINS come roaring back into the
clearing, LUDO waves the log over his head. The GOBLIN charge
immediately shifts into a GOBLIN retreat, the nipper sticks yipping
in fear.


LUDO puts down the log and sits, his big shaggy head hanging down. He
taken one hand and wipes away a tear.

LUDO: Ludo ... hurt.

SARAH's heart breaks. This thing is the ultimate stuffed animal.

SARAH: Is that your name? Ludo?

He nods and wipes away another tear.

LUDO: Goblins ... mean to Ludo.

SARAH: Oh, I know! They were terribly mean to you. (she moves closer
and pats his arm) But it's all right now.

LUDO sniffs and then breaks into the most endearing big dumb smile
you have ever seen.

LUDO: Friend!

SARAH: That's right, Ludo! I'm your friend. I'm Sarah.

LUDO: Sarah ... friend!

HOGGLE has come out from hiding during this exchange. He finds the
whole scene a bit nauseating. And an unnecessary nuisance. If there's
one thing he doesn't want, it's competition for SARAH.

HOGGLE: I think I'm about ta be sick.

They ignore him and LUDO grins for all he's worth as SARAH beams up
at him. HOGGLE pulls her over to one side.

HOGGLE: I hope yer not thinkin' o' lettin' the beast traipse along,
Missy. He'll just slow us up.

SARAH: Are you kidding?! He'll be a great help! The goblins are
scared of him because he's so fierce ...

Just then LUDO shyly offers SARAH a flower that he has just picked
for her. She takes it and smiles at him.

HOGGLE (sarcastically): I sees what ya mean.

SARAH shrugs and gives LUDO a pat. HOGGLE sighs with frustration.

HOGGLE: I just thinks we was doin' fine on our own.

SARAH: And we can do even better with Ludo. (turns to Ludo) You want
to help me save my baby brother, don't you, Ludo?

LUDO: Save ... baby. Good!

SARAH nods with satisfaction and strides into the hedge maze. LUDO
right behind her. HOGGLE follows, clearly unhappy      

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