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Audience Participation!

A good friend & myself at a Masquerade Ball we threw back in '96

One of the many topics I saw brought up in the Labyrinth
mailing list was Audience Participation.

Why should the Rocky Horror Picture Show fans have all the fun?

Gather a group of your close Labyrinthine friends,
plan a party, dress up as masqueraders and goblins, and try some of these out....

Scene Participation Suggested by:
Opening shot of Hoggle
Everyone has water bottles they squirt in the air.
The helping hands asks Sarah which way she wants to go. Everyone yell "Go Up!" Alys
The Helping Hands scene Split into groups and come up with your own "Helping Hand" faces. The group that comes up with the best wins a prize: a peach! Lovespring
Anytime someone says, "It's a piece of cake," Do the Pillsbury Doughboy giggle: "He-he!" IrishCreme
Jareth moves the clock forward a few hours. Everyone whine "It's not Fair!" Alys
When *anything* unexpected happens to Sarah All yell in a whiny voice, "It's not fair!" Melissa
Jareth says "Hello Hedgewart," and then Sarah says "Hogwart" All yell in an annoyed voice: "HOGGLE!" Jess
Jareth is spining crystals and letting them blow away in the breeze Everyone blow bubbles! Elizabeth Eallen
The Ballroom scene Have a dance contest. The best impersonation of Jareth & Sarah wins! Vibes/Lori
Ludo calls the rocks Everyone call for the rocks with him, and when they come, say in a deep voice "Rocks Friends" Melissa Fedak
The Bog of Eternal Stench Everyone yell in unison (with Ludo) "Smell baaad!" Goblynn
The Bog of Eternal Stench And throughout the scene--hold your nose Goblynn
When they are stepping on the rocks, (which make flatulating noises) Join in Sipseygirl
Just before Sarah says "You have no power over me..." Everyone yell "Don't Say It!!!"  
The climactic scene where Jareth turns into an owl Everyone throw feathers in the air!! Cyg/Kris

And if you serve any food at your big Labyrinth-theme party, take Walter Pullen's ( suggestion, and make sure you have lots of peach in it.

Please do not email more suggestions, I am no longer maintaining this page. Sorry.

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