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Labyrinth Sites

The Unofficial Labyrinth Home Page
You are already here! Conceptual art by Brian Froud, biographies of cast and crew, production notes, trivia, merchandise info, and more!

I Love "Labyrinth"!
Info on the movie, the novel, the soundtrack, merchandise, trivia, and more. By Abbagirl/Sarah Packard.

Think Labyrinth, The Movie
Has the complete transcripts and credits of the film, lots of merchandise pictures, Maze stuff, and more! By Walter Pullen.

The Labyrinth List Archive
Labyrinth Fan-Fiction, Labyrinth Mailing Lists.

Labyrinth - The Album
Soundtrack info. on the "Teenage Wildlife" site.

The Internet Movie Database: Labyrinth, The [1986]

The Labyrinth Ring
All the sites on the Yahoo Labyrinth web ring.

More Distantly Related

The Jennifer Connelly fan page

b o w i e N e t
David Bowie's site.

"Teenage Wildlife"
A major David Bowie fan site, formerly "The David Bowie File". By Evan Torrie.

Michael Moschen
More info on the guy who was really spinning Jareth's crystals.

The Gallery of Froud
More art by Labyrinth conceptual designer Brian Froud.

The Dark Crystal - The Unofficial Home Page
Another collaboration between Jim Henson & Brian Froud. (Also one of my other pages).

The Animatronics Resource Site
Has Animatronics and Puppetry-related links

Missing or Moved?

Info, some great images, sounds and more! By Shadoe/Dan Bowen

Jareth's Home Page
"Stop. Wait, Netsurfers. Look. Look what I am offering you." By Elizabeth A. Allen.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth
LOTS and LOTS of sound clips. By Gardner Roe.

Melf's Labyrinth Sound Bytes
Main cast list, quotes and sound bytes. By Melf the Elf/Melissa Fedak.

Labyrinth Text Adventure site

Within A Land Serene- Labyrinth
Labyrinth essays and fan-fiction. By Caillean Greywolf.

Mikka's Lost Labyrinth
Pictures, sound clips, merchandise info, windows desktop theme. By Mikka.

Pretty Picture Department
Includes a section of images from Labyrinth. By Dan.

Labyrinth : The best movie EVER!
By Lara Silbert.

Into the Labyrinth | Behind the Scenes
Gallery | Merchandise | Trivia | Q & A | Misc

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