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The Junk Lady's Junk Pile
(Unsorted Labyrinth Treasure)

Familiar-looking mask?

I got this photo taken of me while visiting with Goblin Armour Designer, Mike McCormick.

A helpful tip
from Tim Peters

If you're having problems running the C-64 Version of Lucasfilm's "Labyrinth" computer game, try the Frodo-Emulator (I've found that this is the best C-64 emulator on the net and the game works nicely with it). You can download it from this site:

Labyrinth Trivia
from Jennie Christinie

  • In case you didnt notice, although you already have on your Trivia board that Sarah magically gets her lipstick in her pocket after throwing it at her dresser; she also throws it on the ground after realizing someone is changing her marks on the tiles, the junk lady also gets it back after the ballroom scene, although it does seem right in a way, since the junk lady already has all of Sarah's other things
  • Although Sir Didymus is a puppet and most people know that, when he yells, "Charge!" in the Goblin Battle scene, you can obviously see that there is no hole for his throat
  • When they all were at the Bog of Eternal Stench, and Sarah is hanging on the branch when Ludo calls all of the rocks for her to step on, they are all soaked with the Bog of Eternal Stench which then shows her stepping on them which should get her feet wet with the stench making her stink. And also when the bridge just starts to break, you can see that some water or "bog" splashes up to her feet and hits her, but you never see it on her
  • If you look at the part of the movie when Sarah says, "Well, come on feet" and starts towards the labyrinth, then it shows the sunrise, then it shows the labyrinth getting touched by the sunlight; if you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see Hoggle standing at the bottom, perfectly still
  • When Sarah is in the Escher room at the end of the labyrinth with Jareth and Toby, it shows a clip of her climbing up some stairs, then she looks around, then does some more climbing. A few minutes later, it shows that exact same clip
  • When Sarah walks across the rocks after falling off the branch at the Bog of Eternal Stench, it doesnt make any fart noises like it does with Ludo and Sir Didymus/Ambrusious
  • Sir Didymus' blue hat has the design of a piece sign on it
  • I JUST now noticed that Sarah has a Jareth statue!! In her room!! I never noticed it before, it is at the end when Sarah is at her dresser taking down pictures. There is a gray statue of Jareth with one arm up holding a knife (I am probably just slow at this, eh?)

More fan art:

"I've loved Labyrinth since I was six years old. I draw a great deal and Labyrinth is an inspiration for me."

Felicia Castillo

Labyrinth Trivia
from Rose Ann Kozloski

1. Ever wonder where the second doornocker's door leads to? In the novel, this is actually the door that Sarah chooses first. Behind it is a forest, but everything and everyone in the forest is laughing. Sarah starts laughing too, but then she gets very scared because she can't stop, so she quickly runs back the way she came.

2. Has anyone else heard one of the nipper sticks talk? I have. In the beginning of the Ludo scene, they do a close up of a nipper stick, and you can distinctly hear it say, "NIPPY NIPPY NIP NIP ALCOHOL!" It's the funniest thing.

3. I'm sure all of you have seen that everything in the Labyrinth is also in Sarah's room. Have you seen Jareth? There is a figurine of him on the right side of her desk, and when Sarah says the line, "Yeah. Yes, I'm home!" you can see it for a split second.

4. This one has caused me to think. When Sarah says, "I need you, all of you..." does that include Jareth? I think it does, whether Sarah knows it or not. I think the owl knows it, though. As it shudders and then flies away, you can almost hear it thinking, "I'll be back, Sarah."

The Labyrinth Oracle answers Labyrinth questions

Q: I know David Bowie wrote the songs, but does he perform on all of them? Specifically, is he one of the performers on Chilly Down or not? Sneaky. It doesn't exactly sound to me like he's any of the major voices on it, but he could be foolin'.

A: He just sings Underground, Magic Dance, As the World Falls down, & Within You- all the one that are obvious. Chilly down is sung by the performers who did the fierys voices, (you can catch them in the credits, or when I finally get the complete labyrinth cast & crew list on the site). The songs listed under "Featuring David Bowie" include both songs he sung AND songs he wrote. (Not that he couldn't have done Chilly Down, he did a good job of playing the baby for Magic Dance. Seriously! That was david gurgling away there!

Q: What the heck are all of the lyrics to the middle part (that's not in the film) of that song? I know most of them, but there's one or two that make me say things like "huh?" (On a related note, I opened the captioning on the movie one day and read the lyrics and not all of them fit with what is actually sung (?) For example, on the soundtrack the line clearly says "and your chin is dragging on the ground" but the captioning had "you skin is dragging..." Odd.

A: There are a lot of discrepencies between the words in the sub-titles, the official score, and what you think you are hearing as you sit there with your ear glued to the speaker of your boombox as you keep on scanning the cd back to hear the same line over & over trying to fiqure out what you hear. Chilly Down in particular. I guess they just went through several versions at the last second. Also, as far as the songs David does sing, apparently he has a habit of spontaneously altering the lyrics of songs when he is singing them, despite what they were originally written as.

Q: Did the Henson people ever use bunraku?

A: The "Fireys" in "Labyrinth" were done with a kind of free-form bunraku technique. Each firey was controlled by several puppeteers dressed completely in black velvet in front of a black velvet backdrop. They would use their hands and rods to move and wiggle the Firey's arms and body around, bounce it's head up and down, and make the Firey walk by actually having its feet attatched to one of the pupeteer's feet and having the puppeteer run and jump around too. The black was matted out and the Fireys were keyed into the Labyrinth's landscape. You can see this all in the documentary "Inside the Labyrinth" which regularly plays on the Odyssey channel.

Q: How much can I expect to pay for a copy of the Goblins of Labyrinth?

A: Most of those books are quite out of print. The original Goblin's book was going for $102 from an Amazon Books out of print book search back in April of '97, and then for $314.50 in one from March '98. I will admit however, that those particular searches seem to give particulary inflated prices, which is odd, as Amazon's in-print book prices are so low.

The Goblin Companion, a slimmed down version of Goblins of Labyrinth, (see more info in the merchnadise section), is still in print from Barnes and Noble, (as of May '99), for a mere $13.

Labyrinth Trivia

Like someone already said, in Terry Jones original script the child was named "Freddie" and in the movie it was "Toby." The reason for this is that Conceptual Designer Brian Froud had recently had a baby with his wife durring the filming of The Dark Crystal. By the time they made The Labyrinth, little Toby Froud was perfect for the part, so they used him. I guess they decided to just use his name instead of "Freddie." If you ask me, Toby is a much better sounding name!

The Oracle's Note: They didn't want to call Toby by a different name as they were concerned that it would confuse the little fellow! :)

Labyrinth Trivia
from Paul Thompson

Do you ever notice how Sara enters the Labryinth and goes left runs a while and stops to rest against the wall that should be where a door to the Labyrinth should be. However the worm tells her the door is on the other side the same side she enters the Labyrinth. Blooper or another twist of the Labyrinth you decide.

Labyrinth Trivia
from Walter D. "Cruiser1" Pullen

There's also a Nintendo version of the Labyrinth game out there. This is a completely different game than the Apple II Labyrinth game we all know about. My Web page has been updated with links to where to download the game, where to download a Nintendo emulator, and with screen shots from the game. I added a few new links to my page too.

Labyrinth Trivia
from Raewyn

Ludo was called "Lubo" in the German dubbed version of the movie. I really don't know why they did this, because the word Ludo doesn't have any explicit or otherways problematic meaning in German.

Labyrinth Trivia
from Terry Whidborne

The goblin in Scotland, (in response to the question and answer page on your site), was in a "Childrens Toy Museum" right in the heart of Edinburgh.

Assorted Audience Paticipation Suggestions
of Varying Degrees of Refinement

(or lack thereof)
From SilverG85

1. Sarah asks whats behind those walls Everyone Yells "We're just the Knockers! ahyuhyuhyu!"

2. When Sarah says " I wish the goblins would take you away...... Everyone yells --- " Nooo! Dont say it!!!! " just before she says "right now."

From Jennifer Skierczynski During the fiery dance scene, everyone trade clothing.

Whenever Sarah marks the path with her lipstick and the little guy insults her, add on "your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."

Everytime Jareth throws a crystal, everyone throw a superball across the room.

During Ludo and Didymus's fight, everyone should pick a side and cheer them on.

After Sarah's stepmom says," you should have dates at your age", everyone yell a one syllable insult... My personal preference is witch or its equivalent rhyme.
From lonespirit

Magic Dance Scene: Have one of the guys go around the room addressing the other guys and gals as Jareth does his goblins in this scene (without the throwing and kicking) Remember to throw in some of Jareth's dance moves :-)

Escher Room scene: When Sarah starts running up and down and all around that blasted stair room, everybody do some aerobics. Make sure, however, there is enough room to do them.

The final owl scene (flying into the night sky): Everybody throw their hands toward the screen (don't hit anybody) and yell "Stop! Take me with you!" Then, when the screen fades to black for the credits, everybody whine and break, yet again, into the song.

Throughout the movie: Everybody need a wig or some of those nice, tight pants, etc. from the movie. Have fun finding any of this stuff.

The False Alarms scene: When the crystal rolls by, everybody roll a ball or whatever they might have that will roll (other than pens and pencils).

Everything is Dancing: Put on some of those special glasses you can see rainbows through, or one of those little eye-spectacle-type-things that have the same effect. (I mean, who wouldn't want million and one Jareth's?)

From Robin Whenever Sarah says or does something that would really chap Jareth's a--, everyone should yell "Don't defy me!!"
From BFDF58 When jareth says to the goblins "well ....laugh" everyone laughs as loud as they can
From IGoPooooF When Hoggle is killing fairies everyone whip out there fly swaters and smack the screen and count how many fairies you've killed-who knows you may help him up his score?
From Hana3River When the Fireys are pulling their heads off, grab the head of the person next to you and say very loudly "Her head don't come off!"
From lovelygod During the chilly down song throw stuffed animals around
From Katherine Malysa Whenever someone burps say "you're welcome" I do that all the time now...that is say your welcome, not burp
From ErikaSky When Jareth says to hoggle "What is that plastic thing round your wrist?" everyone say "What is that plastic thing down your pants?!" His pants are MUCH to tight and leave little up to the imagination.

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